Often-overlooked patient safety risks in medical laboratories take center stage in effort to continue to improve US standards

A Congressional Briefing in Washington in November of 2012 explored critical patient safety issues related to tissue slide processing that often get overlooked in US clinical and anatomic laboratories. Some of the most acute risk areas include patient specimen misidentification and cross-contamination — areas that many deem serious enough to warrant future reform of lab industry standards in an effort to better protect patients.

The Briefing, entitled "A Dialogue on Patient Safety and Cancer," was designed to educate federal legislators and their staffs about patient safety issues as they consider related legislation, regulatory oversight, and constituent service in the future.

Rep. Ron Barber (Dem-Arizona) delivered opening remarks for the Briefing before introducing Mara G. Aspinall, President, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. Aspinall moderated a distinguished panel including Maurie Markman, MD, Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs/National Director of Medical Oncology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America; Eric Walk, MD, FCAP, Senior Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Ventana; and Patricia McGaffigan, RN, MS, Interim President National Patient Safety Foundation.

To see the National Patient Safety Foundation’s summary, please visit: http://www.npsf.org/updates-news-press/npsf-in-the-news/dialogue-on-patient-safety-and-cancer

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