"To establish pathology's primary place in genome-era medicine, we must acquire and demonstrate expertise in this rapidly evolving era of personalized and patient-centered health care."

-Peter J. Tonellato, PhD, et al.

"A National Agenda for the Future of Pathology in Personalized Medicine"4

The concern: generic treatment

lost samples

What works for one patient may be ineffective or even harmful for another. In order to build the most effective treatment plan, pathologists need:

  • The ability to be not only diagnostic, but also prognostic and predictive about how a patient will respond to a particular therapy or drug
  • The ability to share information with fellow pathologists quickly, in order to gain outside opinions on difficult cases

The solution: personalized treatment

Arming pathologists with better diagnostic tools enables them to make more accurate diagnoses that lead to more appropriate treatment plans.

Those tools include:

  • Automated advanced staining—prognostic and predictive technology helps physicians form personalized treatment plans
  • Digital pathology—sharper view of patterns in tissue can be shared instantly between pathologists all over the world

4Tonellato, Peter J., PhD, et al. "A National Agenda for the Future of Pathology in Personalized Medicine." Am J Clin Pathol 2011.

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